A Beetle We Found During our Afternoon Dog Walk

Not on purpose though. I think I may have the blood type that mosquitos love to feast on. The moment I step outside it’s like the ice cream man has arrived in a suburb block filled with children that are just a few weeks away from school starting and have…

Team Members: Alexander Polzin, Amanda Sanchez, Jenny Xin, Mihika Bansal, Xiaoran Zhang

Defining Deforestation:

Deforestation has at times been defined as “the action or process of clearing of forests,” at others more narrowly as “the purposeful clearing of forested land” and even more expansively as “human-driven and natural loss of trees (Merriam-Webster

This post contains information about Experiments 5 & 6 for the course Communication Design Fundamentals at Carnegie Mellon University.

Experiment 5 • Designing Campaign Systems


You will create a series of three artifacts [digital or physical] that visually introduce six different posts (or spreads) for a topic you will choose. …

it is what it is

Howdy! Glad you’re here ❤︎

If you’re new ‘round these parts of town, start by reviewing this page!!!!!!!!!! Or not, honestly, this is mostly just for me lol

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Lit Review [Public]
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My Unfinished Portfolio [Don’t Judge me]
My Favorite Video [Enjoy]

Yes. I know. Summer is literally almost over (which is fucking rude of summer!!!). Feels weird to be recapping second semester so far after the fact. But I think of this more of as a post-mortem. I need to do it, so I have some closure.

I would rate second…

The Team—

For this project, I chose to work alone due to funky semester schedules. I have a background in graphic design and am an avid social justice advocate. This project has slowly evolved into a passion project.

Identifying the Opportunity Area—

Students in student organizations have high aspirations at the beginning of the school year…

Transition Design Seminar, Carnegie Mellon University
a. Sánchez, Erica Dorn, Xuehui Zhang, and Sanika Sahasrabuddhe


This is the third posting in a series about researching, mapping, and envisioning alternative futures related to the wicked problem of homelessness in Pittsburgh, PA. In our first post, we researched and mapped the wicked…

a. Sánchez

MDes @ CMU • They/Them • The scum between your toes

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